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National Association for LUPUS, APS, Scleroderma and MCTD

The NVLE is the Dutch association for people with the autoimmune diseases lupus (SLE), APS, scleroderma and MCTD. The NVLE was founded in 1980. It is an association with a general board and contacts in every province. The association has app. 2300 members.

Goals of the NVLE:

  • Collect and pass on information about the diseases
  • Raise awareness for the diseases
  • To offer and further promote patient contact
  • Represent the interests of all our members

We provide information via:

  • The quarterly magazine NVLE Venster
  • Personal contact
  • Website and forum
  • Meetings throughout the country

The NVLE is part of:

  • Ieder(in)
  • Lupus Europe
  • Federation of European Scleroderma Associations (FESCA)


Members of the NVLE receive the magazine NVLE Venster four times per year. They can access a dedicated part of the website for members. In addition, they can contact the NVLE for all their questions. Medical questions are submitted to the specialists in our Medical Advisory Board. Queries pertaining to social, legal or fiscal matters can be submitted to our specialist in that area. We will help you with all possible problems concerning the diseases by contributing our experience and support. Regional meetings for members are held regularly, a national meeting is held yearly.

Support the NVLE

There are several ways to support the association.

1. Become a member

You can become a member and as such support the association in her work with € 25,00 a year. The money of the NVLE Fund is used exclusively for research on lupus, APS, scleroderma and MCTD, or to stimulate research into the diseases.

2. Advertisement NVLE Venster

By placing an advertisement in the NVLE Venster, we are able to keep producing the magazine in good quality.

3. Donations to the NVLE Fund

You can donate to the NVLE Fund by bank transfer or with Ideal. With your donation we can make research possible. Make a direct donation with Ideal

4. Volunteer work

You can help us not only with money but also by organising activities or doing volunteer work with us.

More information and contact

Do you want more information about our association? Please contact us.

Contact information NVLE

Mail address:

PO Box 5056

3502 JB Utrecht

Visiting address:

Churchillaan 11, 8th floor, Utrecht

Opening hours, Wednesday from 10.30 – 15.00


Chair person: Margot Wijbrans-Roodbergen –

Secretary: Pia de Boer –

Treasurer: Wendy Zacouris-Verweij –

Volunteer coordinator: Bernou Otter –